Outlaw Dave

BROT Welcomes Outlaw Dave!

BROT welcomes Outlaw Dave! You heard that right… Biker Rallies of Texas welcomes the one, the only OUTLAW DAVE!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Houston legend, Texas Radio Hall of Fame, KLOL alumni, and your ol’ buddy- Outlaw Dave is our new Entertainment Manager, Stage Manager, and Emcee for Biker Rallies of Texas!

Come hang out with your ol’ buddy, Outlaw Dave and a few thousand of your biker friends! He will, without a doubt, add a fresh new flair and excitement to our rallies, so we are very excited to have him join our team! Firstly, he’ll be hosting the main rally stage, biker contests, bike and field games, and more. Secondly, we can’t wait to see the antics he’ll bring to the already exciting program so don’t miss out!

Biker Rallies of Texas is going to provide loads of entertainment and the traditional biker events and contests you have come to love and enjoy. Outlaw Dave is going to kick it up a notch with new antics as only he can bring. We predict tons of laughter and great times in your future, because Outlaw Dave always has a way with words!

Outlaw Dave is a major radio personality, however, he’s also a huge asset to the biker community. He organizes two annual motorcycle rides. One for first responders in the Spring for TAFR. One in the Fall to the Lone Star Rally benefitting the Stevens & Pruett Ranch for Children and Animals.

His dedication to serving others knows no bounds. Dave has devoted numerous hours to the noble cause of The Outlaw Dave Foundation. This foundation has made a significant impact by offering support to at-risk youth, rescuing abused animals, and tirelessly advocating for the rights, benefits, and services of veterans.

BROT welcomes Outlaw Dave with pride and honor so, to sum it up, make sure you pre-register today!

Lastly, please follow Outlaw Dave on the Outlaw Dave Show, iHeart Radio, Facebook, and X.

BROT Welcomes Outlaw Dave