Pre-Registration Closes September 15th.

Texas Hill Country Bike Week, Thunder in the Hill Country 2020 Rally is back!

To all our loyal Biker Rallies of Texas customers, we recently announced that due to the Covid-19 crisis we elected to move Thunder in the Hill Country 2020 Rally to the new Bandera Crossing Resort 1 mile north of our home of Mansfield Park. This move was to ensure the safety of all our guest in an outside open-air environment. I, along with my staff have collectively decided that we will NOT be moving Thunder in the Hill Country 2020 Rally to Bandera Crossing Resort. Many factors including logistical issues and additional costs to our guest have been used to make this decision, but we WILL be holding Thunder in the Hill Country 2020 Rally at our normal location of MANSFIELD PARK as we have been for the last 18 years. All RV Electrical/Water reservations made through us are good. All preregistrations for this Rally are good. As always, ALL Self-Contained RV’s and Tent Camping right on the rally grounds will be FREE with purchase of entry armband. The only safety changes being made for this rally are all the
evening concerts will be held outdoors in an open-air environment.

There will be a medical screening at the registration trailer as you enter the park. A medical questionnaire along with your temperature will be taken by EMT/Paramedics and a waiver of liability form must be signed to enter the rally site.

Several hand sanitizer stations will be placed in high traffic areas within the rally site and we encourage all our guest to exercise social distance practicing and the wearing of a facial coverings. I realize that this change may cause some confusion among our loyal customers, but these changes were necessary under the current social environment we are experiencing.

If you are preregistered for Thunder in the Hill Country 2020 Rally or have made previous RV reservations with us, both will be rolled over for the rescheduled date of this event and you will be good to go. We ask that you please send an email to [email protected] and let us know you are attending the rescheduled event and rolling your preregistration and or RV site to this event, Thunder in the Hill Country 2020 Rally. If you cannot attend the rescheduled event dates your preregistrations and or reserved RV spots will be rolled over to Thunder in the Hill Country 2021 Rally, March 25-29, 2021.

We hope that everyone has remained healthy during this crisis that has affected all of us across the United States. I hope to see all our rally friends and family at Thunder in the Hill Country 2020 Rally. I know everyone is ready to get out and enjoy life as it was before this crisis. We will continue to take precautions during the rally and attempt to have a safe and healthy environment for all our guests.

 For further information or questions please contact our office at (409) 655-8800 or or follow us on Facebook, Biker Rallies of Texas.

Thank You!

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Biker Rallies of Texas offers you three days of fun, filled with Hot Bikes, Numerous Events, Concerts and Friends! If field events aren’t to your liking and have a hot bike to show off, we offer you a custom bike show for those who have spent way too much money! Might as well take a trophy home for your efforts!

The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. We start it off loud! Hot Bands rock the night away…On Friday Night we have our Naughty Nightie contest, oh you don’t want to miss this! We ain’t talkin’ about your normal pj’s, were talkin’ about real every night sleepwear!!

Saturday evening when the moon rays are bouncing off the neon lights, the pretty ladies come out to get wet in the wet t-shirt contest. Pour water on the waiting ladies shaking there…! More music to end the evening!

So get your bike washed and waxed, pack your gear and don’t forget your other half or somebody’s and head to the next Biker Rallies of Texas Rally! We will treat you so many ways you are bound to like one or two.

I would like to personally thank all the sponsors who make all this happen! If it wasn’t for your support and generosity, none of this would be possible! Thank you!!

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